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Emmanuel tabernacle got involved with prison ministry in 2012.  The church visits the local prison twice a week to reach out to male and female prisoners.  The female prisoners are visited on Thursdays for a service and Fridays to help the prison with programmes geared to equip prisoners for life outside of prison.   The Male prisoners are visited Mondays and Fridays to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to reach out to the spiritual needs of the prisoners.

The gospel of Jesus Christ has been boldly preached and through the years many prisoners (male and female) have given their lives to Jesus Christ and have been baptised.    God has also touched prisoners in an awesome way through answered prayers and healings.

The ministry have seen murderers and rapists repenting of their sins and giving lives over to Jesus Christ for a new beginning in life.   God is indeed a merciful God Who deals with us according to His love and grace and not our deeds and what the world views as fairness.    Is it fair that a rapist and a murderer get to be forgiven by God?  For sure not, but then again who can come before God without having sinned before.   Scripture makes it clear that the wages for sin is death (Romans 3).  We all deserved death, we all needed a saviour.  

May we show the same grace to others that God have shown to us!


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